Nic Adedokun
FILA 1.jpg


Listen ima 90’s kid Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Bump and Grind, Clinton, Fresh Prince, Roca-Wear, Mary J Blige, Biggie, Tupac...
Lil Kim, Beanie babies, Saved by the bell, Oprah, did I mention Oprah, A different world, oh yea an Oprah but you get it.
I love everything about the 90’s from the beautiful music that made you want to go half on a baby to the clothes that were removed in the process.

Now-a-days it’s very common to see fashion from the 90’s starting to creep back into play specifically with some of the older brands. Fila as a kid was one of my favorites and I had every sweat suit, shoe, and head band. Wishing you would tell me I wasn’t the baddest on the playground. *emoji male hair flip*

So this is my way of being “Vintage-ish” with my new Fila hoody from Urban Outfitters. I paired it with black overalls that I cut off into shorts adding small holes and rips all over for texture. As you can see it was definitely snowing so I am wearing UniQlo’s Heat-Tech tights which surprisingly kept me stupid warm even with the wind being disrespectful. On them feets are Chuck’s, just keeping it simple and keeping the color way earthy and neutral .

Photography: Owen Duckett


Hoody:  Urban Outfitters

Overalls: ASOS

Tights : UNIQLO

Shoes: Converse