Nic Adedokun

Personal Styling


Personal Styling is what got me into this business and is by far my favorite thing to do. I love to see the look on someone’s face when they see how good they look regardless if we are just mixing different pieces from your personal closet or going out and finding new items to add to your collection. Allow me to help you obtain your fashion goals!


Personal Styling Packages

  • Weekly Fittings

  • Personal Shopper

  • Style Overhaul

  • Closet Cleanse

  • New Closet

  • VIP New Closet


Weekly Fittings

Includes outfit selections for the week using pieces from your closet. This includes any events, special meetings; interviews etc. I will come over and look through your current collection, selecting the best looks that work for desired events.



Personal Shopper

Includes shopping with targeted stores that fit your agreed upon lookbook . Includes a facetime conversation for additional support at home regarding the looks that can be put together with items purchased.

*Please inquire about my online shopping experience. I can show you the best places to shop online as well as provide tips on how to maximize your online shopping experience.



Style Overhaul

Combines the Weekly Fittings and Personal Shopping experience.

This is one on my favorites because I get a full outlook as to what your current style is, how/what you normally buy, and helps me understand what your immediate needs are to complete/expand on your collection. (Preferably completed in two sessions- 1st session Personal Shopping 2nd session Weekly Fitting)



The Ultimate Closet Cleanse

We take the time to go through your closet, while it is determined what pieces are needed and what items can be discarded. This process can seem stressful but I have a proven system that will not only help you de-clutter but will also help you get the maximum use out of each garment.



New Closet

Combines the Weekly Fitting, Personal Shopping and Closet Cleanse packages.

The New Closet package is exactly as described. We will work to create a NEW CLOSET! This process is to start you off fresh not only understanding your style but having a well organized closet to keep you feeling and looking your personal best. We will start off with the closet cleanse followed by the personal shopping experience and will finish with the weekly fitting to pair new items with the old and create a new YOU! I will give you variations to each outfit (if possible) with photo picture to be added to your look book and to reference later. (3 Sessions )



VIP New Closet

This packages includes all items from the New Closet package but all shopping is completed by me as your personal stylist and the clothes are delivered for an in-home fitting. (3 sessions) (I encourage making this a party shopping for clothes should be fun and can be done with friends. Invite your people over and lets talk looks.)


**Each level comes with a personal Fashion Lookbook.  Your personalized Lookbook will contain everything we’ve discussed including pictures of inspiration, where to shop, what to look for, and different variation of outfits. Consider this lookbook as your guide into your own personal style.