Nic Adedokun
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I don’t specialize, I personalize.

Nic Adedokun: The why behind the what, the man behind the style.

I am the son of two Nigerians, born and raised in good ole Richmond, Virginia. (I know you weren't expecting that.) My childhood was a tad bit different from my other schoolmates in the sense that my exposure to the world was seen through a different lens. All due to my parents owning a clothing business. We would travel up and down the east coast going to festivals/fairs selling our clothes. So as far as I can remember, I have always been around clothing. I've sold brassieres to grandmothers, picked back-to- school outfits for families of 15 and coordinated some interesting club outfits, all at the age of 12.

With these vast experiences, I turned 21 and moved to New York in a red dented Mini-van with a purpose and a dream to show others my craft.

 I have been styling for the last six years. Believing that clothes give you the confidence and your confidence then brings the garment to life. You can’t have one without the other. A garment is just a garment until the right person wears it!

I don’t specialize, I personalize.


As a child of traditional Nigerian parents (whatever that really means) I got a chance to experience American customs while also getting the added flavors from my parent’s traditions. I've always had the drive to learn about different cultures, various forms of art, and what is really unique about society. With this my ability to take different elements of my life, as well as things that I’ve learned and introducing them into my fashion. I have the skill to look around, understand my surroundings and then use them to create my art.

I choose not to conform.

 As a stylist my goal is to take you out of your element and show you other ways to dress that still compliment your persona. I am energetic, quirky, and hard working and my efforts will be spent finding a look that brands you. You will have more confidence to stand up and say I am my own person, different from the next but worthy of the same if not more.